Anyone watching Wrexham v Sheff. United?


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Great game! Wrexham very unlucky and were denied a nailed on handball penalty that would have been given had VAR been allowed. Studio pundits were all in agreement that it was a pen. At least Wrexham will get a decent payday from the replay. The club deserve it and, equally, so do their owners. Contrast their North American owners with the thieving absentee tosspots that leech off our club.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney deserve all the praise they get. Not only have they invested money in the club they have also invested their souls in both the club and the local community. They are paying for a new stand and have also supported local projects and charities. The advertising that Wrexham has got from their efforts (including the documentary) has earned interest and acclaim throughout North America and the town has seen a huge upsurge in tourists and visitors from that continent with a corresponding inflow of money to local businesses. I understand that their story has spread to Europe too with many visitors also coming to Wrexham from there.

It goes to show what genuine owners who have a vested interest in a club and the town/city can mean to the community. The two Rs are adored in Wrexham and rightly so. Our owners are hated and reviled. And rightly so.
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