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Liam Cullen seems a fine prospect to me but is probably not ready yet. That said, many players have been thrown in the football deep end and went on to prosper. He's an entirely different sort of striker to Surridge being smaller but nippier. However, at his level he knows where the goal is and definitely is something of a poacher. I certainly think he should be given his chance in the not too distant future without piling too much expectation on his shoulders until he's had a chance to get used to the higher level. Some general info:

Cullen was born in Tenby and is 20 years of age. Been with the Swans since he was 8 and played for the Under 18 side at the age of 13. He has one first team appearance as a sub against Palace in the EFL Cup. Has appeared for Wales 'Unders' teams at 17, 19, 20 and 21 levels scoring 6 times in a total of 25 appearances. Perhaps not a lot but then Wales 'Unders' aren't the strongest of teams at any level.
Agreed with Ivor, Cullen has been highly rated as one of our best academy players for the past few years, even when James, McBurnie etc were still U23 players. The boy has quite the eye for goal and is very tenacious.
This video is a year old against Chelsea U23s, Ethan Ampadu was playing against the Swans in this one. Cullen scores at 6:45, it was a late goal after the keeper was injured by his own player. Cullen has been been on the radar for awhile. Oli Cooper and the 2 Evans also.
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