Viktor Gyokeres Signs


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Know absolutely nothing of him. Apparently a striker and winger, someone maybe like Lowe who is agile and also able to move around a bit?


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Lots saying he's fast and physical. Someone is going to have to sit not, I hope Ayew doesn't get sold because Ayew and Gyokeres up front will be nice. MGW and Lowe, not to mention Cullen and Dhanda.

Victoria Swan

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A man of few words - like interviews with Kimmi Raikonnen or Valtteri Bottas in Formula One! Hopefully he does his speaking with his feet. He certainly has so far in his cup outings with Brighton. I guess we might now get to see how Jamal Lowe does in his preferred position on the wing.
[How can you tell an extroverted Finn? He looks at your shoes when he's speaking instead of his own.]


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Was always decent against our u23s. Physically should be up to the division but I don't think he's lightning quick or have real target man strength. Struggled in the cup games for Brighton this season.

Do hope this doesn't mean we revert to the Steve Cooper Plan A that limped through most of last season. Lowe and Gyokeres competing to play with Ayew. Cullen desperately needs a loan now, won't even get his 5 minutes.


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His girlfriend is Amanda Nilden, also a footballer. She came over here with him and was good enough to make the Brighton women's side.

Says she can play in defence and up front. Maybe Swansea should have signed her instead?

Side note: Gyokeres is pronounced Yo-Ker-Esh with the emphasis on the Esh.
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