Swansea v Hull


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Didn't see the game but if those highlights were typical I think it bodes well for the rest of the season. I saw a fluency and rhythm to our game that's been missing for a long while. It just wasn't meant to be our day aided and abetted by yet another incompetent (being kind) display from yet another incompetent referee. Had he been anywhere near efficient then we'd have scored quite a few as Hull would have had to chase the game.

If we can maintain then build on that sort of form, the results will come. @Ladygargar , whose judgement I trust, was very happy with the overall display and the performance of our players.


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So in summary: Hamer had almost nothing to do, so no judgement vis a vis Benda makes sense. A new look midfield with Downes as the anchor supported by Naughton between the two CBs. Ntchem was effective. Laird was effecive. We put good shots on goal but not enough. We need to cross more.

And ... nothing much as changed in the referee bias department. We were denied a drop dead penalty on Laird and an indirect free-kick inside the box Paterson?
Yes, that about sums it up Yankee.
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