Swans v Baggies


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Did Laird perform a roulette nutmeg? Wish he could teach that to the others. We don't look bad. Possession game has earned us 3 yellow cards. Some nice passes. Laird is going to be a great player for Man U.


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One tame shot in the first half. Not good enough.

We need pace up front. Keep Piroe, bring in both Cullen, Whittaker and Ntcham. Bidwell, Paterson and Smith out.


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The baggies are a bunch of thugs
It's how Ismael wants them to be. He was the same at Barnsley. Thing is, if the lads feel they're being roughed up they should start giving it back. Only wimps put up with it in my book. We've had the expected possession but done nothing at all with it. WBA are pressing hard and we don't really know how to handle that. The best way to beat it is to pass through it but our movement off the ball is either not good enough or too predictable. The man on the ball needs options but he's not getting them. Still a lot to learn about this style of football I'm afraid - and they also need to understand that there are times when you have to hoof the ball away when passing it out is a dangerous option.


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The only way to beat this high WBA's pressing is counter-attacking with pace through the middle. We won't score by crossing high.
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