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Season starts away at Middlesbrough, followed by Preston at home then 3rd up our home fixture against the scum !
Can't wait for the season to start . Team report back for pre season next week .
Let's hope we have some movements on the squad before too long so we can assess our prospects for next year .


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Bookies have us at 33/1 for the title but they rate Cardiff an even longer shot at 40/1. Leeds, as you might expect, are odds-on favourites with the relegated teams, Burnley, Blades and Luton all tipped to go close. With a full pre-season under his belt, I'm hoping that Luke Williams will now know a lot more about how to get the best from his squad. Given that, and some good new signings (Ginnelly will seem like one), I'm hoping that we'll have a strong tilt at the top 6. What I hope to see is a far higher tempo of play; more bodies in the box when we attack; better fitness levels with the consequence that we can effect a more efficient press. Not asking for much really; just what should be expected from a professional football team.


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We need seven or eight players:


We definitely need one who is better than what we have. I would sell Yates and keep Cullen and Kukharevych. If we move Cullen into an attacking midfield role, which I doubt we will, then we'll need two new strikers if we sell Yates.

Two wingers

We need someone to cover Ginnelly on the left and a right winger better than Ronald. I'm still not convinced that Ronald is the right one. Govea and Parker should get a few minutes as substitutes.

Attacking midfielder

We don't necessarily need one if we play Cullen in attacking midfield or if Cooper improves his game.

Central midfielder

I would sign a physically and technically strong central midfielder. A destroyer who can also make forward runs with the ball.


As a back-up for Tymon. I know Naughton can play there, but we need a young prospect there, ideally from the U23s.


One more is needed if Wood is sold. If not, Lisah can get some game time. Is Brandon Cooper back from loan?


This will be the most important signing. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a good one.


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Keeper is the make or break position. With Fisher we're going to be bottom of the table as we will concede soft goals at critical moments. With a Rushworth caliber keeper we're going to have the potential to challenge for promotion as this keeper would keep us in matches where we are under the kosh.


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Big clubs are after Govea already. It's an interesting start to the campaign. No easing into it this time.

Burnley again. I would bet on them before Leeds to win the League.


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So a player where we have no real idea who he is and what he can do and when he will be ready to start and make an impact. What to do?

Are Burnley et al seeing him as a starter or a future investment. How silly are they in the money they are prepared to spend? Money that we can use to acquire young but here and now players that can make an impact.

If the two players we have acquired already are any indication the club is muscling up to have a go for promotion now. Unless Govea has made a quantum leap in close season and is showing it in preseason, then he’s unlikely to be an impact starter over Ginnelly, EOM or Ronald.
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If he'll only bring in a million, I'd say keep him and loan him out to a second-division Spanish side where he can develop his skills, rather than a League One club where he will only develop scar tissue on his shins. Then have a look next summer. He'll either be ready to step into the first team or at least be worth more than a million.
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