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Picked up some of his comments on the Swans Site, No video, but goes on to tell you how his "simple but effective half time talk paid dividends."
He then goes on to say, " No hairdryer treatment, no shouting, no pointing the finger of blame. just some words that struck the right chords ".
When it comes to finger pointing he needs to rotate his wrist 180 degrees and point the finger.
This guy is even better than Cooper for absolving himself of any blame.
Valiant attempt to absolve himself from any first half blame with his so called effective half time team talk. In effect all he did was to put on the subs, who in every ones opinion should have started the game to rectify the problem.
Think the (no post match interview says it all) I would have a lot more respect for the guy if he did give a interview, and admitted ok I made a balls up on selection in the first half, rather than crawl under a stone and make himself invisible. One thing about Cooper, to his credit, he never shirked a post match interview.


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Saw this today in WOL. It confirms what we all thought about that referee stinking the place out with a performance of abysmal proportions. Okay, Lansbury might get retrospective punishment but that will only serve to benefit other teams in the future. It will do nothing to have been of benefit to us on the day, which it should have done.

Ex-ref blasts Manning decision
Former referee Keith Hackett says Tony Harrington was wrong not to send off Henri Lansbury after his challenge on Ryan Manning during Swansea's 3-3 draw with Luton Town.

Both players were booked after Lansbury appeared to kick out at Manning when attempting to take a quick free-kick during the league encounter at Kenilworth Road.

And Hackett says Harrington could face sanctions from the Football Association after failing to dismiss Lansbury.

"I was amazed when I saw this," he told Football Insider.

“This is a straight red, every day, any day. When you look decisions like this, you’d say what was the referee doing?

“Any new referee needs to understand the first thing you do when you award a free-kick is manage the position of the ball.

“The second one is for the defending wall to be back the 9.15 metres of distance. What I have to say is where was the referee in managing the restart? Non-existent.

“You’re allowing the player to be hovering around. The player taking the kick wipes him out.

“It’s a deliberate kick at an opponent. There’s no way that’s yellow.

“Personally, I think the Football Association should be in a position to upgrade (it to a red card). I would hope the FA look at this one.

“First of all, ask the referee his views on the incident. I think they’ve every right to ask the referee and probably charge the referee for failure to apply the laws of the game.

“It’s happened occasionally. There is a remit where the FA can do that. That would be a suspension.”

This so-called referee should immediately be suspended and severely downgraded on his return. A message must be sent to others of his ilk.


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I've always said refs are part of the game, and should be reprimanded for bad decisions, and why not on the same card system, yellow for a bad decision, 2 yellows and a red ban of x amount of games. to be judged by a panel. As the rules are they are a law unto themselves.


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The referee was heavily biased in Luton game.

1. Obafemi gets clearly fouled just outside the Luton box. Nothing. No free kick to us.

2. Downes gets fouled, the referee blows the whistle, and when Downes reaches for the ball one of the Luton players kicks it deliberately. Nothing. For the same offence the referee gives Manning a yellow card later on.

3. Luton player deliberately kicks Manning pretending he wants to kick the ball. A clear red card. The referee gives only a yellow card.

4. Naughton leans on a Luton player in our box, and the referee without any hesitation awards Luton a penalty. A soft penalty if you ask me.

This is only from the first half. There were also other episodes.
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