Luton v Swansea


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Over organized, over thought, over fought, over played over whelmed.

Curt … too many players are anonymous.

Ntchem Fulton and Smith on for Walsh and Paterson and Downes … let’s get some brains and balls on the field.


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Relentless pressing, determination, intensity, and running will always beat possession football alone. Klopp is not stupid.


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This line-up defies common sense.

our top scorer is on the bench. Our assist leader from last season is in the stands.

the two players who were clearly unfit for 90 against Millwall - Manning and Paterson - start again.

Our supposedly best finisher and other top scorer … Cullen and Whittaker are in the stands.

Paterson and Walsh are preferred to Ntcham.

martin is either a magician or losing his fucking mind.
Martin is either a magician or losing his fucking mind.
The Latter seems to be the case Yankee.
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Piroe, ntchem, Cabango

Williams, Downes, Walsh.

Paterson remains. Manning remains. I guess there’s only so many changes to be made. Please … no injuries
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