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Can we recall Garrick? Who else do we have out on loan we could pull back? We sold Asoro at the start of Feb. I guess Arriola is going to be the wild card in multiple roles.

I have mentioned this before ... but I'd like to see Fulton as a #9.


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Looks like Routs is going to be available next month. Cullen also out for the remainder of the season. I hope this game is an anomaly.

Byers, Garrick are on loan to League One sides McKay is still our player. Korey Smith is still on our squad too. We're not struggling too much with midfield depth. Losing Ayew or Lowe would be a problem. I don't know if our owners are going to bring Bony or another free agent until something like that happens.

Would you want Fulton as a 9 over Hourihane or Smith?


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I would think Fulton would probably make a No 9, he has the tendency to ghost in and out of the position now.


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If we stay in a 3+2 format, after giving Whittaker a shot (deserved after his City cameo+goal), Fulton could make a useful #9. He can head, has excellent one touch, can shoot.

Smith / Dhanda et al can take Fulton's role in midfield. If we lost a forward then I would bring Garrick back, but Andy Pandy was playing him more as a WB in his last few appearances, so obviously he is not considered a forward by the coaching staff!?!
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