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Gonçalo Franco is no longer a Moreirense player. The midfielder will join Swansea, from Wales, after the two clubs reached an agreement in recent days. It will be Franco's debut outside Portugal, specifically in the Championship.

The deal is agreed and the young player has already left Ofir this Tuesday, where Moreirense are in pre-season training. The two clubs should formalise the deal soon.

Franco had just one year left on his contract with the Moreira de Cónegos club, where he arrived from Leixões. The midfielder was one of Moreirense's main assets.

Gonçalo Franco spent four seasons at Moreirense, standing out in the last two seasons, specifically in the rise up the division and the record-breaking campaign in the league. Last year he scored two goals and made four assists in 35 games.

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I believe it when I see him at Fairwood.

He’s played 82 games in the Portuguesa premiere league, scoring 3 goals, by the age of 23. With 152 games overall from the Portuguese lower leagues. Impressive I would say. Quite a coup if we can sign him. I can see him starting next to Allen or in place of Allen giving the back line of our midfield some bite, energy and talent.
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Note, Grimes’ numbers are against Championship opposition, while Franco’s are against prem level opposition.

The comparison to Grimes prompts the following …

Like others that we have had around for a while and become accustomed to, Grimes is at his peak, and shall begin the aging out process sooner than later. As he ages, he’s going to add some experience to his game, but that’s like sprinkling sugar on your weetabix … it’s still fucking weetabix.

To earn promotion, we need players that will relegate the likes of Grimes to the bench. It’s a hard attitude, but frankly it’s the only way. We need to get better in all positions. On his day, Allen shows exactly what we need on the field, he dominates and makes others around him better. Ideally, we need a 90 minute “Allen” in every position. Easier said than done, but we’re going to remain static and relegation fodder if we don’t strive for that.

This Franco has experience and quality that could be the first brick in a new wall. We are retooling. Grimes’ role could be going into a back 3.

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About time we announced a new signing , things are not moving quickly for us so far in this window , this is a good signing let's hope we have more good news , preferably before we go to Austria.


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From this short video I watched, he looks small. 70% of his highlights are him making tackles and challenging for the ball. He's got crazy looking footwork, has some good control and instincts. He can keep the ball low on his rare shots, he picks out a player making a run with his crosses. His tackles are going to earn him some cards. He may not be strong enough for the Championship. He puts in an effort that reminds me of Ryan Manning. Will run after the ball and play defensively.

Just a total guess so far, that's my first impression of him. I like that we're scouting foreign leagues.


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If Franco is all that and a bag of crisps then he's going to start. We then have Allen, Fulton, Cooper and Abdulai and Grimes for the remaining two midfield roles. I'd bet money on Allen and Abdulai.
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