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Finals night of the Premier League at the 02 in London.

Littler beat Smith 10-5
Humphries beat MVG 10-5

Smith had 11 trebleless visits to 5 from Littler and his doubling was only 28%. Smith was off form and no chance of beating Littler.
Humphries won a routine game against MVG and took out 132 with a champagne visit of bull, bull, double 16.


Littler 11-7 Humphries.

At 5-5 Littler nailed a 9 darter whilst Humphries always seemed to be chasing the game. He had some very decent legs (took out 134 with treble 18 and two double tops) but was slightly off it and that can't happen against Littler. Humphries' first dart rarely hit the 60 bed as it so often does when he's at it, so he was unable to put any great pressure on Littler who went on to be a deserved winner and take the £246, 000 first prize.
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