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We all know how respected and liked Phil (Borini) was and I've no intention of allowing the memory and contribution of a lovely guy to be forgotten over the passage of time. This season's Prediction League and 7otb has been hit by covid and other factors but I'm hoping that things will be more back to normal next season.

Phil always enjoyed the prediction league and was always figuring at or near the top of it, so from next season on, we will know it as the Borini Prediction League, which I am sure will meet with the approval of our posters. With this in mind, and out of respect to Phil's memory, I'm asking now for as many posters as possible to please participate next season. It is easy to enter and need not take more than 5 minutes a week to do; surely not too much to ask to honour one of our own.

I look forward to your positive response and support for this action and thank you in advance.

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Great gesture , much appreciated, I also ask for those taking part in the prediction leagues to continue their participation for this season as well.
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