Armenia v Wales


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Where are the goals coming from? I am taking a risk saying over 1.5 goals, Wales to win and Brooks to score. I hope Wilson and Moore get 1 too.


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Croatia is going to get 2nd place now unless Latvia or Armenia can steal a win. Needed this result today.


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We were CRAP!! We never looked like we really wanted it and, 20 minutes before the end, that tactical genius Page still had 5 at the back when we had to win to keep our hopes alive. What planet is he from? One that doesn't play football for sure!! Moore worked his socks off because our only plan seemed to consist of lumping it up to him. He won more than his fair share but to what end? There was little support for him and our movement and running/walking off the ball was pathetic. As for when we did cross the ball it was just meat and drink for the defenders so poor was the quality. I've seen better in school games and that's a fact. Some stats:

POSSESSION: 53-47 SHOTS: 19-12 OT: 2-4 CORNERS: 5-3 FOULS: 11-12 GOALS: 1-1

This was a MUST WIN game for us but you'd never have believed it watching this lot perform. The technique and skill level of the Armenian players was far superior to ours most of whom would have trouble trapping a bag of wet cement. What the fuck are they being taught at their clubs? Controlling a pass does not mean letting the ball bounce six feet off your shins! Dan James came on as an impact sub but I've lost all faith in him. He has no trickery, no flair and is totally unable to beat a man unless he uses his pace, which is all he offers. Trouble is, savvy sides can always combat pace when that's all they have to deal with. And James has bugger all else in his locker.

Robert Page has even less talent at what he does. I'm not going to re-hash his failings; he's got so many it takes too long. As long as he's in charge we will NEVER improve because, like our Mr Duff, he hasn't got the ability to be any better. They are two of football's also-rans and it looks like our club and country are stuck with them milking their respective jobs for as long as they can because of the sheer stupidity of those who employed them.


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We are not getting the best bang for the buck out of the current squad and this management team. Players are not motivated or conditioned to deliver their best, and tactically the team is being setup to avoid defeat when clearly we have enough attacking flair to cause problems for the opposition if setup to do so. There were two goals in the game and Armenia scored both. Did we come close ... not really.
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