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Speaking to @Rainbow for a while last night and she told me that she logged on to the 7otb site. Got a message saying that they hoped to get up and running again before long. If that's right then maybe we'll have some more fun with it in the near future. If you remember, Rainbow and her lot did well and won some tidy money, which has been paid out.


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7OTB has finished for the season. I scored a season’s best 23 points to finish in first place.
No applause, please! Like some steeplechases I was the only finisher.
Please, please, let @ivoralljack know you’re interested for next season and hello may be persuaded to renew the contest. It’s an interesting format which doesn’t limit itself to the Premier League.
In previous seasons there was money to be won, just ask Ivor, and maybe next season prizes will return.


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As soon as I get wind of a new competition I'll post it here and hope that we'll get decent support for it along with Borini's Prediction League. The latter can take less than a minute to complete, so lack of time is not an excuse. And, unlike 7otb, participation from abroad is allowed. I hope you guys will support it. I'll also keep chipping away at Rainbow to join as she's such fun with these things.

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I was well ahead of BTG until the last week when I forgot to do my entry :mad:
Let's hope we can round up a good team for next year (y)
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