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  1. Jackflash

    Ryan Giggs resigns.

    Ryan Giggs has stepped down from his position as Wales manager due to the fact of the oncoming Domestic Violence trial against him on Aug. 8th.
  2. Jackflash

    The US school shootings.

    I hope the US police can sleep at night after stopping parents going into the classroom whilst listening to their children getting shot but not having the guts to go in themselves. It took a border guard to go in single handed and shoot the bastard. cowardice at it's worse.
  3. Jackflash

    Forrest V Swans

    Looking forward to this for more reasons than one. initially it will be the first of the last four games I'll be able to watch properly. i've been down with a dose of covid on top of having a dose of acute bronchitis, wasn't too sure i was going to come out the other side of it. This game has...
  4. Jackflash

    Swans away to Cardiff FC

    Time to get this thread up and running, being it's been the topic of conversation for the past month on the scum site. I think we can do it, and for the first time complete the double over them. Being having a life ban from their sites it hurts not to be able to respond to their jibes. but the...
  5. Jackflash

    Hull City V Swansea City.

    Another tough challenge, Hull appear to have things going in their favour atm. New owners, new manager and have just beaten two top promotion chasing clubs over a three day period, played and beat both Bournemouth & Blackburn without conceding, Obviously goes without saying their tails are up...
  6. Jackflash

    New Managers.

    Question ? How long do you think it should take a new manager to put his mark on a club? Watford are now on their 15th manager in 10 years, with Ranieri being sacked after 14 games.
  7. Jackflash

    QPR V Swansea.

    Think its going to be a tough game, a fitness test for us. Hopefully Wolf will make a difference up front, Would possibly expect to see Fisher between the sticks if Martin has that much confidence in him.
  8. Jackflash

    Preston North End.

    Is this game on today ??
  9. Jackflash

    Supply & Demand.

    Shortage in store outlets due to HGV lorry driver shortage. What's happened to the rail network ? Surely there are lots of local couriers available to ferry goods from local British Rail's goods yards, who would welcome the business and even increase their fleet, van drivers not needing a HGV...
  10. Jackflash

    Possible 2022 Holidays

    If Covid allows you a holiday this year, I have two spare bedrooms here, one double and one 2 singles, I have a rooftop apartment with a large terrace and can just about throw a stone into the Mediterranean from it. your more than welcome. At the moment Easyjet have slashed their prices, £60...
  11. Jackflash

    Happy New Year.

    A very Happy Healthy & Prosperous new year to you all. (y)(y) I'll probably be fast asleep by the time it reaches the UK.
  12. Jackflash


    I don't know what happens to the trees that come down in storms or are cut down by the council. Out here they are cut into about 10 inch sections and stored in a big yard. OAP's are given a card and can collect as much firewood as they want, at any time.. Also Top Marks to the bin men, they...
  13. Jackflash

    The Turkish Lira.

    The Lira over here went into free fall over the last couple of months, reaching an all time high exchange rate of 25 to the £1. to put it into some kind of prospective when i first came out it was 3.7. again putting it into prospective at it's highest 20 cig;s were just 67 pence. It.s now seams...
  14. Jackflash


    Just sadly learned my favourite comedian Jethro has died of covid. RIP. and a BIG THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.
  15. Jackflash

    Just WTF is happening to our Social Services and Police Force.

    No sooner has the sad headlines of Arthur Labinjo gone off the media when another takes over. A 16 month old little girl Star Hobson has died, the partner and mother found guilty , The partner Savannah Brockhill found guilty of murder, the mother Frankie Smith guilty of assault and allowing the...
  16. Jackflash

    Swansea City V Notts Forest.

    Steve Cooper brings his Forest team to the Liberty ,Hmmm!! Swansea. Com Stadium, his first visit back since leaving the club. lets hope we can make it a memorable occasion for him for all the wrong reasons. He's done quite well with them, getting them out of the relegation zone and now even a...
  17. Jackflash

    Back on line.

    Been off line now for best part of 5 days other than the odd 10 minutes hear and there they tried connected for. Huge storms, now seeing footage, similar to the UK North East. I have a top floor apartment in a five storey block, Hence having 5 satellite dishes on my roof, heard this almighty...
  18. Jackflash

    Arthur Labinjo - Hughes.

    I'm still trying to come to terms with this childs horrific death, it's probably the most revolting thing I've has the misfortune to read. If ever there was a case for a return of the death penalty, this to me is it. Yet the British tax payer will put a roof over their heads and give them three...
  19. Jackflash

    Ray Kennedy.

    Very sad to hear of the death of Ray at the age of 70. Tosh brought him to the Vetch in the early 80's, at the time the most decorated footballer of his time, he just spent the one season with us before going back North to Hartlepool, He didn't last a season there being diagnosed with Parkinsons...
  20. Jackflash


    Once again league positions favour us, together with a home fixture. I've always felt Reading as being formidable opponents. My most memorable meeting with them obviously our 2-4 victory over them at Wembley 2011. Depending how other results go, a win should put us in a position for an attack on...
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