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    Just how childish can Cardiff City FC get..

    What do they do with all of those floats after the match? I would collect all of them and sell them back to the fans after every match. 😅 This is a great comment, must be tough for Cardiff supporters losing 9 of the last 10, getting blasted by your biggest rivals and the owner still hasn't...
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    Word association thread

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    The Brummies

    You never know in the Championship. Lyle Taylor scoring 2 extra time goals to give Cooper a win against Bristol. We could have had Taylor, but Piroe is our hero. Last match vs Birmingham was that crushing 1-0 loss with a penalty at 90'. Their last 2 matches they had 32% and 33% possession. Not...
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    Swans v Baggies

    There was one on Piroe I thought was called offsides when he was on. But most of them were correct. A lot of missed fouls I thought the linesman should have
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    Swans v Baggies

    Let's make a run and get into the top 6 before Boxing Day
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    Swans v Baggies

    Possession football with much more inspired passing lately.
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    Swans v Baggies

    4 points from the playoffs and 6 points 10 goals clear of Cardiff now.
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    Swans v Baggies

    It seems rare we follow up a statement match like Sunday with one like tonight. Well done 6 points.
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    Swans v Baggies

    What a match, really showed that we are a top Championship side.
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    Swans v Baggies

    Watching on my phone so I can't comment during the match today. We've kept it close and it looks like we can get 1 through.
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    Swans v Baggies

    Did Laird perform a roulette nutmeg? Wish he could teach that to the others. We don't look bad. Possession game has earned us 3 yellow cards. Some nice passes. Laird is going to be a great player for Man U.
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    Swans v Baggies

    Forgot all about Obafemi I can only hope we have a fit squad come the final months of the season. My mind says 4-1 loss but my heart says 1-0 win. Hope we don't look tired on the pitch today. Maybe the crowd will carry them along. They're going to need it.
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    Swansea City v Cardiff

    I would certainly be in favor of that. Not sure about Laird's status either. I thought he might be in trouble at one point. I don't think we could afford to lose him.
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    David Brooks

    Absolutely wish him the best.
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    Nick Powell just limped off the pitch against Bournemouth. Looked like he was in some pain. That could be a big loss for Stoke.
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