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  1. Joe Rodon to Spurs

    Pablo was best for us more central with Routs and Dyer playing as the wingers. But let's give Bielsa the credit, aye.
  2. Profits for the Yanks?

    Net transfer spend is a shallow, lazy, and ultimately useless metric for judging how well off we should be. Brentford haven't been making profits either. Most of our transfer profit since relegation has gone to plug the £60m in outstanding liabilities we had hanging over us from the PL (£40m...
  3. Joe Rodon to Spurs

    I thought the deadline for the Europa League registration was last night but have heard maybe it's tonight instead. Either way Jose doesn't have until the 16th to strengthen his squad for all competitions. Based on how we did business with Oli and DJ I don't see us driving down our asking price...
  4. Joe Rodon to Spurs

    Load of fuss over nothing. Spurs made a cheeky bid (prompted by our beloved Trev no doubt) which was dismissed out of hand as £7m is a lot lower than our asking price, and Sky ran with it as some nearly-there thing. Cue club taking pelters from fans for trying to flog Joe on the cheap and the...
  5. Cooper Leaving?

    Some twitter random on a windup I think.
  6. Cooper Leaving?

    I will laugh if he's really thrown his toys out of the pram over Kristoffer Peterson, a player he couldn't have had less interest in playing.
  7. Viktor Gyokeres Signs

    Was always decent against our u23s. Physically should be up to the division but I don't think he's lightning quick or have real target man strength. Struggled in the cup games for Brighton this season. Do hope this doesn't mean we revert to the Steve Cooper Plan A that limped through most of...
  8. Wycombe Wanderers

    Thought Smith was better for us today playing box to box. Bit loose in possession but got about the pitch, we looked much better reverting to Grimes as the deepest holding player. Ayew slightly less selfish than usual, but it must be frustrating to play with him sometimes. Good first half...
  9. Our Squad for 2020-21

    Josh Gould gone on loan to Barry Town. Signed a new keeper for the U23s to deputise for Webb, Jamie Searle.
  10. Brandon Cooper Loaned to Newport

    Loan seems to be going well. Starts again for them tonight against Watford after starting in the league at the weekend. Been playing central of a back three which seems to suit him.
  11. Birmingham

    Guehi had one of those days where I was waiting for the mistake, and he made quite a few under no pressure. If he can cut that out of his game he can be a very good defender at this level. But he's no Joe, immense again. Bidwell too high for me, Guehi was at left back for long stretches and the...
  12. Jack Evans loaned to Pafos

    Made his debut yesterday in a cup game against Ayia Napa. Team won 5-1. Pafos not made a strong start to their league campaign.
  13. U23s vs Cardiff (PDL)

  14. U23s vs Cardiff (PDL)

    Swans 3-0 up at half time.
  15. Our Squad for 2020-21

    Lewis Webb is a promising prospect, and played senior football at a very young age. Future Wales no. 1, potentially. Not many about.
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