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WOL failed to ask them about the funds they promised would be available when they took over. No we haven't forgotten because they've made sod all funds available. To compound matters we have no idea what happened to all the transfer fees we received when our big hitters were sold. WHERE IS THAT MONEY????? It certainly hasn't been invested in the squad. How much have their investors received compared to the club?

They are talking as if all this was some carefully considered strategy when we all know that they are merely reacting to their crass mishandling of the club when they took over. They invested no money and kept no promises. For me they are nothing more than unmitigated, thieving arseholes and I would dearly like the Trust to litigate against them and all those parties involved in that shady takeover.
Yeah the WOL writers went very soft on them in the initial interview and pretty soft on them in any articles since. Stronger and more pointed questions need to be asked of them.
The silence is deafening on the transfer front as we reach the 10th day of the 31 day transfer window, barely a decent rumour.
We all know what we need, cover up front and an experienced defensive midfielder, but will we get it? The best we can hope for is a few high earners moving out, freeing up some money off the wage bill and get a couple of loanees in.


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Loanees are not necessarily a bad idea. Harry Wilson and Tammy Abraham have been excellent for Derby and Aston Villa.
Would our skinflints be prepared to pay the loan fee for someone decent though? I think not. They are talking as though our bringing youngsters through is all part of their grand plan. Who the fuck do they think they're kidding? This was FORCED on them because of the almighty bollocks they dropped when we were in the Premier League (where, imo, we would still be had we not set eyes on their stinking, lying faces).

They are being bailed out by some great talent developed by Toshack and Richards and lovingly nurtured by Graham Potter. But as for spending money, forget it. Not when there's investors to be paid and Mister Rooney's demands to satisfy. Spend some money on the Swans? Heaven forbid!!


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Hit the nail on the head Ivor,
We will not buy or get a decent loan player.
We can manage with what we have and if we sell a few Potter can bring on some more youngsters.
From what I have seen in the last few weeks I do not think that we have to acquire players in this window. Providing we adhere to our 4-2-3-1 system and the core group of players we can beat anybody in this league and teach a lesson in the process. Narsingh coming on-line, if he is permitted to be selected, is effectively a new player and would excel at this level ... could we really acquire quality like him in this window.

With Olsson out long term we have a need for perhaps an upgrade at LB ... I would move for Kingsley at Hull ... known quantity, capable of playing in the Prem, who would excel in our system. If we can find a very good #9 to challenge Oli and CBR then that would be welcome, but otherwise I think we're all stocked up.

What we CANNOT afford to do is lose anybody. Dyer, Routs, Narsingh,, Montero are all quality players that can and have contributed significantly. They and our young dragons must not be permitted to leave.
One caveat to the above in the "CANNOT afford to lose" ... Bony. I have heard a rumor that Celtic are interested. Bye-bye Bony. If we can get money, green shield stamps, anything ... we should release and reapply the payroll elsewhere. For example, we don't need a fragile player on the bench when we could have Narsingh coming on instead. Narsingh has a future, Bony not so much ... anymore, sad to say.


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I watched Graham Potters live conference yesterday whilst I ate my lunch - he’s missed his vocation imho - he should be a politician - he expertly and absolutely refused to be drawn on this window - so, we are getting nobody I guess - either that or we are getting signings in which case he has a great future as a professional poker player......


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I watched Graham Potters live conference yesterday whilst I ate my lunch - he’s missed his vocation imho - he should be a politician - he expertly and absolutely refused to be drawn on this window - so, we are getting nobody I guess - either that or we are getting signings in which case he has a great future as a professional poker player......
This is about the time Jenkins goes on his winter break, and has probably told Potter "When I come back about the 27th of Jan.we'll have a look what's left in the bottom of the barrel and see what freebies are left, I do it every year."


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When these Yanks open their mouths it makes you feel you want to vomit. Firstly they invite WOL (probably at the clubs expense} over to America to discuss their handling of the club. Do they think we're f'#cking stupid? Wine & dine them, possibly some female company, they certainly ain't going to criticize them.If THEY want to discuss the handling of the club they should be over here doing so with the trust, but what do they say "We would like a meeting with the trust, BUT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITH NO LAWYERS PRESENT", maybe another bribe attempt, being it worked on Jenkins. I have no doubt in my mind that they were the instigators of Laudrups sacking, that Jenkins was told no deal until Laudrup goes. They would have been terrified of him,he was giving Jenkins a hard time due to his lack of Premiership knowledge, they with zero knowledge of the game he would have ripped them apart, and also they wanted him gone before the takeover so they would be blameless ,but strangely the takeover negotiations started days after his dismissal. There will never be an answer to the question 'Where has all the money gone?." because the one who should be asking such a question, our chairman, was part and parcel of the whole conspiracy . The Trust must do something to get the ball rolling to rid the club of the evil cancer that is slowly gnawing away at the very roots of the club. The Trust has to show the fans that it represents that they care,and to do that means taking some PUBLIC action against Jenkins, they already have a case where he lied to a tribunal. I think action by the Trust will stir up action with the faithful.
I don't think we'll sign any new players, and that's simply because there aren't any crocked players available.
100% right. The January window does not offer much. No clubs are selling anything other than players they absolutely do not want (and most likely have red flags). Save it for summer, especially with all the wages coming off the books and a better chance to sell a few of our own. That being said, I would really like to see us act with a little more urgency and show that we have a plan and targets earlier in the summer window.

@Jackflash I wholeheartedly agree with you the Trust needs to stop sitting on their hands and demand answers to the important questions.
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