"Swansea City: a model club’s descent into bitterness"

The national media are taking notice at the issues surrounding Swansea City.

"Swansea City: a model club’s descent into bitterness
gregor robertson
The Journeyman visits. . . Swansea City

What the hell has happened to Swansea City? It feels like a pertinent question after the events of the past ten days in south Wales. A club who a few years ago were held up as an example of co-operative, supporter-led ownership and intelligent leadership have become riven with bitterness, mistrust and resentment and, on Saturday, supporter protests.
“No ambition, no investment, sold out,” one banner read and Swansea’s transfer deadline day, which swiftly took on the appearance of a desperate fire sale of the club’s most valuable assets, will certainly go down as one of the more perplexing in recent memory. It was followed, 48 hours later, by the resignation of Huw Jenkins, the club’s chairman of 17 years."

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Grizzled Veteran
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A good read. The more pressure that is exerted on the Wanks the better. With luck they'll find it all too onerous and get the hell out of our club. They are even worse than Petty and that's saying something. What a red letter day it'll be for all Swan's supporters when they pack their bags and go.


Midfield General
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Good to see the club getting some truthful constructive criticism in the media, the more bad press this ownership gets the better. I think the Trust can add to this and keep our demise highlighted in the press and media. All publicity is good, even bad publicity. Oscar Wilde once said "There's only one thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
My guess is they'll hang on until it can be a profitable sale for them. Either finding a buyer willing to come close to the £90 million they paid or after the payouts.
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