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Dear Steve,

Celina and Ayew are not natural wingers , Routledge , Dyer , Peterson , Garrick are . When we are at home start with two wide men and take the game to the opposition with pace and width.

During the international break take your midfield indoors and give them a spelling lesson.
Teach them to spell TACKLE , GRAFT , and FORWARD PASSING , then get them to apply those words on the pitch.

Finally when teams put 3 forwards up high when we have a goal kick , ffs do not take a short kick to defenders inside the area , move your center backs wide and play as we did last season. You can also tell your back four to move up from the penalty box and defend higher up the pitch !

Yours sincerely

A very disappointed Blobster (n):poop: (n)


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Cooper says "we didn't play to our identity" What is our identity? we've won just one game in the last five, certainly not promotion chasing form,and the buck really stops with Cooper, we have a reasonable squad, the dificulty he seems to have is getting the jigsaw pieces in order,and when it's not working seems very reluctant to change aanything.get it sorted Steve in the break.


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He can be as honest as he likes , he just sat and watched , as much to blame as the team on the pitch.
Probably more to blame than those on the pitch,he's the one that put them on the pitch.He fielded the same team as last week, wich almost had the same outcome,a first minute or two goal, then almost 90 mins. of nothing, then in the final minutes a killer goal by both opponents.
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