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    The Thrift Thread

    Hey @Borini, just heard. You should be fine in Morriston, had 2 heart attacks and had a couple of stents put in there. I am great now, no real issues for years, just got to watch the blood pressure and get some exercise in. All the best and get well soon. Oh and watch what you eat, but don't...
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    The Thrift Thread

    I know it's a while ago now, but I've come across it again, could be fake news, but just in case..
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    Players Swans currently linked with

    Same shit every season
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    What's bugging you right now?

    Twice I've been bitten by a bastard horse fly this year. Itchy buggers.
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    A few pints with Wyndham Evans tonight, what a great guy and a Jack through and through. If Carlsberg did nights out...
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    Are you bored with the world cup,?

    Thankfully no vitriol on this post, have to say I'm a bit embarrassed with all the crap that has been posted over social media by the Welsh, goes way beyond banter. There been loads on the Swans trust page on Facebook, so poor I've left the group. @ivoralljack spot on with the match analysis, I...
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    Caplan and Levien

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    The Thrift Thread

    I read today that ice is bad for dogs in hot weather as their bodies work differently to ours and ice causes them to overheat. Could have been a fake news type of thing, not sure but just thought I'd put it out there just in case.
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    Word association thread

    Cheap date
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    Word association thread

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